1. Pizza Maker

    ReactJS, Framer-motion

    Craving for pizza? Well check what toppings you want to go with your pizza!
    -choose your toppings
    -view visual changes when you choose
    -order it!(shh...you can't buy for real, not yet)

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  2. chrome extension

    JS, RegEx

    a chrome extension that would highlight the word 'coronavirus' in any webpage if it is found.
    how to use: -first download the file by clicking the download button given below.
    -then extract the zip file, and you will find a folder named 'chrome extension - coronavirus'
    -now open chrome browser and type 'chrome://extensions/' without quotes
    -from the top right enable developer mode option
    -now click on 'Load Unpacked' button seen on the top left and select the folder that we extracted from the downloaded zip file.
    -now our extension will appear on chrome. Just enable it and enjoy finding coronavirus :)

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  3. movie app

    ReactJS, REST api

    This movie web app fetches the featured movies and displays them with image, title, and rating. An overview of the movie is provided which is displayed when the cursor is hovered on a movie poster. A search bar to search a specific movie. And ratings are colored based on their score.

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  4. simple chat app

    ReactJS, firebase

    a group chat app that with profile picture of each users. sign in with google account and start chatting. Try it with your friends

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  5. evernote clone

    ReactJS, firebase, reactquill

    built this evernote clone that create, edit, and delete notes.
    -auto updates the note content and title as the user stops typing
    -most recent note on top on left side bar

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  6. image gallery

    ReactJS, firebase

    upload and view images, and see images others have shared in this online gallery

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  7. todo list

    ReactJS, firebase

    make your todo list with this app

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  8. my movie collection list


    movie collection list based on different genres

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  9. find emoji meaning


    paste an emoji in the input field or click on the given emojis to find it's meaning.

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  10. countdown timer for new year


    find how many days, and time is remaining for new year

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  11. get binary value


    convert from strings to binary representation of 1s and 0s

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  12. banana language translator


    converts english to banana language spoken by the minions

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  13. food delivery app mobile ui

    JS, bootstrap

    starting page with logo till login page

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  14. ems ui


    employee management system ui
    login page, employee page, job page, edit & update options

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  15. Charts using chart.js


    different types of charts I drew using chart.js.
    It was fun working in chart.js
    The codes of each chart along with the live project is in my codepen profile.

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  16. expense calculator


    how much didi you spend today? and where?
    calculate your expenses now with this cool xpensecalcxpensecalc.

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  17. batman quiz

    CLI, nodejs

    are you a DC fan? How well do you know batman?
    Take the quiz and let's see hou good you are!

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  18. do you know me quiz

    CLI, nodejs

    how well do you know me?
    Take this quiz to find how well you really know me!

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  19. a simple WP plugin

    php, wordpress

    WordPress plugin that displays 'Hello World!' on the top right of your WordPress admin dashboard. Inspired from the famous 'hello-dolly' plugin that displays the music lyrics.

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  20. WordPress blog


    Created this site using my android mobile itself.
    Learned practically about domain registration, web hosting, cPanel, CMS, plugin installations, and other backend features of web hosting.

    Not actively managing it now. Created this before I bought my laptop.

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